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10 Things to do When you Think you are Somewhere Lost

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99 percent of the time we know what to do, how to and where to do it. But it’s when the 1 percent takes control and something unforeseen occurs is when all hell breaks loose….

1) Wonder how you got there.

10 Things to do When you Think you are Somewhere Lost

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The very first, spontaneous reaction of any human being would be to be genuinely confused, which is okay. To reach a place where you are lost, either physically or mentally, is to initially move from a place that you were in currently. So, analysing your previous situation and how that made a difference to where you are right now would make sense and give you the answers you’re looking for.

2) Think about if it’s worth staying there.


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Sometimes when you are someplace, even if it’s completely new and unknown to you, you could consider settling down unless it is dangerous for you.  You may be lost in the sense that you are new to a place, idea or thought, but if you can accept it and fit in, nothing can stop you from becoming a part of the place that you are in, either on the outside or in your head.

3) Think of all the things that you could do.


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Too many times in life, we are so focused on the past and future, that we do not quite think about the moment, the present that we are living and a part of. The present has the power to change everything in our life and we must choose to use this as an advantage for us. If we can think about how we make the most of the place we are in and everything that we can do that actually define us and help us take control of the situation.

4) Decide if you want to go someplace else.
The toughest part of being stuck somewhere where you have no clue about anything is knowing in the first place if you do want to go anywhere. For this, you need to weigh your pros and cons and how going or not going can affect your life.

5) Find all resources.
Naturally, it’s not going to be easy to just go back to where you have come from, especially if you’re lost somewhere where there is nothing that binds you to the place or state that you are in, it’s going to be tough to make a start. Making a start by choosing the right resources that will be helpful to you by taking you to wherever you want to go would be a good place to start from.

6) Recollect everything that will help you in getting back to where you were.
Memory is everything. If you have to go back to a particular place, recollecting every intricate little detail about the place and everything that can take you back in conversations, patterns, timings, etc can do you more good than you can imagine. Therefore, it’s always good to lay a little extra attention to detail, you don’t know when you might need it.

7) Are you really lost?
Like they say, there are no two sides to a story. Just the story that’s more believable. Sometimes, even when you think you may be in an unfamiliar place, lost and alone, you may not be. What looks completely new to you can be someplace that you may not recognise at first glance. It’s normal to not pay attention to things and hence, you need to question yourself again and ask yourself if you are really lost, and in what sense.

8) Whatever you want, make it happen.
There may be a lot of things that you want to do and a lot of things that you have a vision for, but unless you actually stop feeling what you are that stops you from conquering what you have to, you won’t get very far. Which is why, first things first, believe that you have to get out of the place and trust yourself to make it happen and in time, it will.

9) Everything is helpful.
Wherever and however you are lost, you will be able to get past it to a secure place, it is necessary to use whatever you have with you, along with your memory and wit to get there. No matter how small something seems now, tomorrow it could be extremely useful. So, make sure that even if you didn’t pay attention in science class, you know how to not die and try to use everything you have with you, on you to help you for that purpose.

10) If nothing else works, scream! So you’re going to try to get out, so you’re going to try to be strong, so you’re going to try to stay calm, so if luck decides not to support you, well…scream. As loud as you can. And hope that someone somewhere might hear you. Because after all, sometimes all we have left in life is hope.

“Sometimes you think you want to disappear, but you just want to be found”

10 Things to do When you Think you are Somewhere Lost

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