Love your life.

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How did this happen? How did we strange looking individuals come to this age where we now have daily routines, do strange, weird things unknown to people centuries ago but now are a part of our everyday life? That’s the miracle of life.
We have been gifted this beautiful gem called life that helps us live, experience some of the most wonderful things that there are.
We learn new things and we apply them into various situations. We remember old things and the mistakes that we did and make sure we don’t repeat them again. We meet new people and while forget about some of them, most we remember and they are all a part of our journey. We make relationships, we fake them. We build things from scratch, we break them. We’re emotional, we’re joyous. We’re happy, we’re moody. We’re sad, we’re mad. We lie, we’re truthful. We spend, we save. We cry our hearts out, we laugh to our fullest. But that’s just a little bit of how we are. There are a million other faces and phases to us, seen and yet to be. Each one of us is unique in our own different way, each one of us has a place in the world. Some part of the place you reside in, some part of a person’s life you reside in wouldn’t work or function without you. Someone’s going to miss you when you’re not there, someone can’t do without you, someone relies on you way too much, someone loves you more than anything he/she has ever known. You have places left to explore, books yet to be read, games yet to be played, parties yet to attend, good food yet to eat, you have things left to do, conversations left to be made, people yet to meet. and it will always be this way. You’ll miss out on something, but you have a choice to do everything else that you want to. What does matter is that you live you absorb, take in as much as you can, do as much you can and live your life to the fullest.

After all all we have got is one life, isn’t it? What’s not to love?

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