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Why we hate Mondays ???????????

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Undeniably, there are certain things that can actually bring millions together, letting them feel similar emotions or pains. Some of these things include corruption, lack of humanity and love and MONDAYS.

It might take only an insane to enjoy the very first streak of sun’s rays on a Monday morning. While at one hand we expect the very phrase tomorrow to be a sign of hope and expectations, Monday is probably the only day that no one wants to refer to as “tomorrow.” Yes, you are not alone.
Why we hate Mondays
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If you too feel like massive pain, this article is just for you. Read ahead and check out some of the most appropriate relatable reasons that makes all of us hate Mondays.

Because it makes Saturday a distant dream
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Five, freaking five days in between! One of the biggest reasons that makes of us hate Mondays is because it actually makes you dream of Saturday as if that’s Mack Zuckerberg’s bungalow. Too far and totally impossible to check out.

Because it’s the major start of an entire working week! Boo hoo!
It’s Monday morning and then you realize how precious was your weekend. The alarm on the Monday instantly makes you realize it’s time to buck up for an entire tedious and monotonous week. The start that makes it mandatory for you to tolerate your boss, focus on your assignments which you detest like nothing else and most importantly wake up by 7 a.m. Basically, the start of a punishment!

Because it makes you feel more pessimistic towards life
The only person not to hate Mondays is the one who loves his job. And well, there are handful of such people, right! No sooner, it’s Monday and you already know that you hate your job, which means you hate your choices, which again means that you hate your current life to a certain extent. Bottomline- You turn pessimistic!
Why we hate Mondays

Because it emphasizes on the importance weekends
You may spend your weekend lazing out doing nothing or you may also spend it spending some quality time with your family. Be it anything, weekends are always special. This very importance of the weekend gets only prominent when it’s Monday. It’s only then you realize how your weekend could have been much better.

Because you check out similar Monday-plagued people
A smiling baby can make you smile. Similarly, people sharing similar pain makes you how life can be brutal! Exaggeration, though, yet it’s quite true. It’s only when it’s Monday when you check out similar sad faces that further makes you feel more pessimistic.

Because it just never dies and keep returning every damn week
Every cloud has a silver lining, but every Monday has a grey boredom. Another major reason why most of us hate Mondays is because it just keeps coming back. Like why? Why there isn’t any technological improvement that can stop its appearance altogether. Unfortunately, every week, Monday can be expected only to be worse, unless you can enjoy a public holiday of course. Hehehe!

Yes, we do understand your pain! Comment below if you have other reasons to hate Monday!

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