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Unimaginable! 10 English words and phrases can leave you stunned!

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Lovers of the English language may have an idea what actually this title means. There are words and phrases in English language that are far more different now from their beginning.

We use them without knowing the proper usage sometimes. Some words hold a completely different meaning which may put you in off-guard. We may have a look at those words which are different with the help of Euphemisms.

1. All-rounder

ENGLISH is a funny language

If you are a lover of cricket you might think of some big names of this sport. Sadly, the one of the usage tells a completely different story. Here. All-rounder means a person of both homosexual and heterosexual tastes. So, from this time beware while using this word.

2. Butterfly

ENGLISH is a funny language

Sometimes it is really difficult to pinpoint the exact meaning and for this word nobody is ready for this outcome. The butterfly here means a male homosexual or gay. Think about it again at the time of use.

3. Girlfriend

 ENGLISH is a funny language

This one is stunner. To all those lovebirds who like to call their female partner as girlfriend, think a little bit hard. According the origin the meaning of girlfriend narrates – A female extramarital, sexual partner. If your partner gets to know this surely she will not be too please.

4. Princess


This is shocker for all! Not only for the lover but also all the fathers who are using it frequently. No one could ever imagine that the word represents an expensive prostitute also known as Pavement princess. How good is that for you?

5. Pride


Not at all a dangerous word right? Wrong! This is the word that can steal your breath. According to the English usage the pride means erect penis (Frazier 1997). So, if you are taking pride on anything just take a second look.


6. Preference


We all have our choices and we all have our preferences. Are we sure about our choices? Do you really like the preference if that means ‘Being Homosexual’ or ‘Gay.’ Well we have absolutely no problem.


7. Privileges


The special status that allows one to enjoy special treatment. This is usually the meaning of ‘Privileges’ people would love to enjoy. Well enjoy and pleasure can multiply if the meaning explains ‘Sexual Activities.’ Incidentally and literally these special rights are like those of Member of Parliament to label others in the House of Commons (UK parliament) with impunity.


8. Pro


This has a double meaning and we tend to ignore all the time. Obviously one is the short form of Professional but what about the other? The other is also a short form but this time it’s ‘Prostitute’.’


9. Keep your legs crossed


This seemingly harmless phrase has a sexy face. This actually tells women not to be promiscuous. So do not get characterized by many transient relationships. One can refer to 19th century literary works of Price to confirm the status.

10. Keep your pants on


Boys! Don’t think you can get away! This is for you! Simply telling you to behave like gentlemen.

So from next time onwards, mind your words!!

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