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The Art of Getting What You Want

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As Dalai Lama had rightly said, “… Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”. For those who refuse to believe that life will give them exactly what they need, it’s their courage to stand firm in all situations. It isn’t easy to overcome fears and persevere through setbacks and obstacles and yet have faith in one’s dreams. Those who do are successful people who have accomplished their objectives and fulfilled promises.
As much as stories of successes that inspire us considerably, experts suggest practicing certain habits with time to help one get exactly what he or she wants. Here are few common ways:

Take a closer look into your thoughts
Spend more time thinking how you would like your life to be. Eventually, you will start shaping dreams to reality in the same way. So, if you believe that your things are taken away, that’s exactly how you will live. It is for this reason experts suggest in being closely connected to your thoughts and feelings and observe the thoughts you make for yourself.

See your wishes as granted
This is purely out of self will. The moment you see your wishes and dreams being accomplished, there will be a strange sense of gratitude. The more effort you exert in fulfilling your wish and being sad at not being able to realize the same, you will never learn to be satisfied.

Rethink on ‘I am’s
As stressed earlier, you are likely to become what you think. So if you keep yourself preoccupied with negative thoughts, your beliefs and actions will reflect ‘I am not’ or ‘I’m incapable of’. Think hard and seek an answer on how you would like to define your life. If the replies are more like ‘I am hopeful to make such an impact’ or ‘I feel positive about something’, needless to say your thoughts are in harmony with your aim to achieve whatever you want in life.

Exercise patience
Learn to have faith in yourself. By banishing doubt and exercising patience, life can indeed become different. While imagination is essential no doubt, sometimes it can erode our logical thinking to a great extent. Only if you start cultivating patience, you will understand the power of it to help you get great things in life.
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Align yourself with how it feels to have your wish fulfilled
Accept with your body and mind how it feels when you have your wish fulfilled. This will become natural once doubts fade away and you decide on your reality. If all your senses start making you feel that your objectives have been accomplished, a sense of self worth will fill you and you will feel proud of your imagination.

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Learn to be content with what you have
There’s no dearth of our needs. The desire to have more than what you own now is natural. But feel content with what you have at this moment. That will be enough.

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