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Set out on an Instagram worthy honeymoon destination outside India

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Choose any one of these places for your honeymoon that will become a perfect backdrop for your love story

A lot of hard work goes into planning for the Big Day, that is, your wedding. After all the successful toiling, finally the most awaited period arrives- the honeymoon! Everybody wants a picture-perfect honeymoon, which is why choosing the best place becomes crucial. If you are a social media buff, then you would surely love to flaunt your love story to the world amidst the stunning backdrop of gorgeous locales. However, narrowing down to choosing a destination isn’t easy but to make your task easier we have cumulated a list of places that you can choose from.

Best honeymoon destinations outside of India

  • Hawaii: Hawaii is a destination that offers tropical climate with laid back Pacific island atmosphere to its tourists. A cluster of islands that Hawaii is, each island has something inimitable to explore, which is why honeymooners must definitely visit this place. The island of Oahu is a nirvana for the couple who seeks adventure such as volcano treks and you can visit the Hanauma Bay, famous for snorkeling that you can embark upon to discover the world of coral reefs hidden in the sparkling waters. The beautiful Valley Isle of Maui is a home to splendid 80 beaches so that you can hop on from one to another everyday of your stay there. If you simply wish to relax and enjoy your honeymoon then visit the wild and waterfall-dotted Garden Isle of Kauai that will leave you amazed with its marvelous background. Waikiki is a stretch of ocean front beach and also has a broad walk that hosts a number of cafes and entertainment venues to explore. Hawaii will make your honeymoon worth a thousand clicks.
  • Thailand: Thailand, famous for its beaches is perhaps the most visited destination amongst the honeymooners who probably keep visiting this place due to the eccentric retreat that it offers. Krabi, which is a home to the best beaches has a Railay Beach where you can relax amidst the white sands and blue waters that will allow you to experience paradise. The Phi Phi Islands, a cluster of islands is famous for Koh Phi Phi, which has a monkey beach that is thronged by the notorious creatures. Let the foodie in you taste the amazing cuisine of Thailand by exploring the Chiang Mia’s Sunday Night Walking Street where you can indulge in some mouth-watering chicken satay, samosas, crab cakes, fried bananas, sweet rotes and fresh fruit shakes. From lotus blossoms to golden sunsets on the beaches to floating markets to divine temples, strolling in the city of Thailand is such a bliss. You cannot ask for anything more once you are relaxing on the beach of Thailand that will leave you and your partner with some amazing tan that you can pompously show off. Nothing works like an old world charm than walking hand in hand with your partner watching the sunset on the Thai beach.
  • Maldives: Every couple, especially those on a honeymoon wants nothing but privacy. If you are one of them then Maldives is an impeccable destination for you. If you do not dither to shell out some bucks then book your stay in one of those private villas that float in the midst of the blue sea with only clear skies above you and the calming waters below your feet. The luminous beauty of over 1,190 coral islands that make up the Maldives archipelago will offer you a blissful tropical honeymoon where you can sport a bikini like a boss on a vacation. The swaying palms, water bungalows, turquoise seas and the powder-soft sand will all work in harmony that will do wonders to your chemistry with your partner.
  • Costa Rica: While most couples like to relax on their honeymoon and take leisure strolls of the visited city, most of them like to dive themselves in adventure. If you are a power couple who like to recharge your chemistry with some adventure, Costa Rica is calling out to you. This Central American country satiates the hunger of those couples who are adrenalin junkies by offering them activities like hiking, biking, diving, rafting and surfing. If you want to explore Costa Rica with your spouse make sure to pack a lot of sporty wears. From one adventure activity to another, this sure is the best way to spend your honeymoon.
  • Jordan: Jordan has recently gained a momentum in the number of couples visiting the city to enjoy their honeymoon. This place is perfect for the honeymooners since it brings a lot on the platter such as secluded and pristine beaches, natural attractions like the Dead Sea and a fast growing nightlife to enjoy, if you’ll are party animals. Apart from Petra, you can pay a visit to Amman, an ideal place to discover the history and the cultural root that forms Jordan. If you wish for a more eccentric place then Abdali is known for its leafy boulevards, amazing cafes and high-street boutiques. The city of Jerash is dipped in history owing to the ruins. The Dead Sea being the famous attraction is a perfect place to float like a log on the highly saline waters. The amount of fun doubled with romance will be on an all-time high in Jordan.
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  • Galapagos: An archipelago of volcanic islands, Galapagos are rich in biodiversity and renowned for an extensive collection of flora and fauna. If you wish to honeymoon with your partner in an adventurous way then go exploring volcanoes, check out the unique bird species or indulge in water activities like scuba diving or snorkeling. Visit the Centro de Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza, which is a tortoise conservatory. The nature lover in you can spend time at the Dragon Hill, which is a home to iguanas, green turtles, Galapagos mockingbirds and many more. This place is a perfect shrine if you want to sunbathe or go hiking with your beloved. How about going fishing on your honeymoon? If this idea lures you then visit the Ecuagringo Fishing, a commercial fishing company that will let you choose from Marlin and big game fishing to inshore fishing and fly fishing. 

Undoubtedly these places are the best if you wish to have a flawless honeymoon with your partner. From romance brewing amidst the high mountains to strolling in the city like lovebirds to making future plans over romantic candle light dinners to finding love over and over again in the adventurous moments, your honeymoon will look like straight out from a fairy tale. Enjoy the tiny moments of love with your beloved as you embark up on a life changing journey.

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