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Planning to Propose this Valentine? Say it with a perfect ring……

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If you are madly in love with your Girl and planning to propose her then be alert because mere bending on your knees is not going to woo her, the type of Ring that you give her may decide you get approved or not. You need to categorize her and then choose a perfect ring for her.

Don’t worry guys we are here with a perfect guide to choose the perfect type of Ring for your girl.

1. The Fashionista
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As the name suggest she is crazy about fashion. She is the trendsetter in her colony, her college, her office and everywhere she goes. This girl must have given you opinion on your everyday look. Her ring should be the one which compliments her fashion quotient. A ring with unique shapes like a rose, a star, a bow will surely take their hearts away.

2. The super simple
She is the girl who never has complaints. Small things like rain, flowers, and smiling kids are enough to make her smile. Guy you are lucky enough to give her almost any design from the market. The classic designs of Engagement Rings are enough to woo her mind.

3. The Princess
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This girl has been raised like a princess and believes to be one. You have to make sure that your Ring convinces her point that you gonna keep her like a Princess for the rest of your life. Go ahead boys spend splurge and give her the Ring with finest Princess cut with an elegant design.

4. The Tomboy
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Your girl is a highly no jewelry types. She is happy wearing jackets and shorts with sneakers. She almost hates the so called Fashionistas of her surrounding and wants all the girls of this planet to play soccer and basketball. This girl often shares a drink with you and hardly gets friend with other girls. She almost hates wearing jewelry so; you need to run for the simplest rings of the town. If possible try giving her a thin plain band.

5. The Emotional
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You know she will cry before saying a Yes. She cries for everything even if she is happy. She takes everything very seriously and is very sensitive about everything happening around her. She has dreamt about her marriage from her childhood and is very particular about it.Try giving a ring which has a heart shaped diamond in the center surrounded by small diamonds on it. She is absolutely gonna love it.

6. The Feminine
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Your friends envy you and your parents love this girl. She is always there to support you, hardly makes mistakes, and loves tea over coffee. This girl makes everything go right and is perfect from your specs. She is the one who is shown in the famous Rajshri movies. Give her a beautiful ring; make sure it’s not over-sized or under-sized. Platinum Ring with a bold diamond in the center is suggested to get a “YES”.

7. The Ambitious
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She is the girl who hardly comes on date, as she is too busy with her office work. She is very professional and particular about her career. She has a very clear next 5 years plan for herself in her mind and is very particular about it. You are supposed to give her a Ring that suites her everyday 9 to 5 look. Platinum or gold band are perfect for them.

8. The neighbor’s grass is greener
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You find you girl comparing every now and then. She hates it when her new pair of Jeans is same as her neighbor’s daughter’s best friend. She can even notice if her red car is less “red” than that of “Sharma ji kebete ki car” She likes being praised for everything and by everyone.Beware guys you have to give her a big and highly expensive ring exclusively designed for her.
And yes; there is no escape for this.

9. The Super-romantic
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She finds romance everywhere. Her heart melts after seeing an aged couple. Her birthday cake is always heart –shaped, even her bedroom has pink color on its wall. Buying couple Engagement Rings is a perfect choice for you. This attempt of yours will be a perfect Bollywood scene for her and she won’t be able to stop herself saying a big “YES”.

10. The artistic
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These are the art loving girls. She can see art in almost everything. A simple ring is not her choice, you will have to be highly creative to woo her. A ring made up with some unique carvings or structure can make her say “YES”.

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