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Love Is All You Need

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It was the summer of 1940 when Michael’s friend asked him to accompany him on a double date with Jane, a friend of his girlfriend. After much reluctance, he obliged. And boy, was he glad he did! Because the very first moment he set eyes on her, he knew she was the one, And it might have been the same case with her too, considering by the coming next month, it would be 75 years since she decided to spend her life with him, and hasn’t reconsidered, not yet anyway!


Since 95 years of Michael and Jane’s marriage, a lot of things have changed in the world. Love being one of them. The definitions might have changed, but the meaning hasn’t. The interpretations might have changed, but the feelings haven’t. To this day, even if you’ve spent 75 years of your life with someone or just 7, it could be a partner or a parent, love still continues to be the one emotion that you are overwhelmed by, with each passing day. To be in love is not to let go of all your fears or flaws, but to instead find that one person who assures you that he will be there with you through it all, each time you falter, each time you feel like it’s the end of it all.
Love is all you need
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It’s the one powerfully profound emotion that reminds you that no matter what, there will always be that person who’s going to care for you unconditionally, who’s going to catch you when you fall, only to laugh with you about it later. It’s all about the little moments and then the bigger ones. It is all about having that bond with another person and you may or may not want to name it in particular, but as long as the both of you’ll are aware of the love you have for each other, the compatibility that you’ll share and the fact that you’ll are content with just the two of you’ll being aware if that, is love. It’s to give and only give. Sometimes, you might not be sure of how you got there or how or when but then there are too many questions left unanswered anyway. So you can either waste your time looking for the answers you probably won’t find anyway or appreciate the path life takes you on. The one emotion that surprises you each day, that gives you so much strength that makes you want to believe in things you haven’t before, or never will, gives you a plausible reason to live and for some, even die for.
Love is all you need
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Even the Beatles believed love is all we need, who are we to disagree with them?

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