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Everything is materialistic, even your family.

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I woke up this morning, to my mother’s screeching voice reminding me to not get late for college, again.

What’s the big deal about college anyway?
Why is everyone so constantly insistent on the fact one must attend school, college, then post graduate and later find a well to do job?
Because education will teach you what’s right and what’s not? Of course not.
Because education is a way to know about your past, future and things you wouldn’t have known otherwise? Of course not.
Because education is necessary so one can appreciate the ways of life and remember them so they help us cross various obstacles as also deal with things as they come? Of course not.

Let me tell you why we are forced in to schools and colleges and then hugely pressurized to earn, it’s because all we are expected to do is get that fat paycheck home, fulfill needs for yourself, your family, spend on buying things or spend on traveling to places to get them. Sure, you’re earning to only fulfill what seems like innocent dreams of people who have to, in order to survive, you may say.
Is that it?
Does working hard for an integral part of your life and then splurging on things really so important?
Everything is materialistic, even in your family.
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When did we become so materialistic and why have to instead of overcoming it or finding ways to demolish this greed of ours only instead made this a competition to see who wins? Though a lot of this depends on the person we grow up to become, it has got to do with the kind of childhood one goes through. What most children are never taught is the value of people, time, nature and life, but the gross importance of money and materials. In such a day and age where everybody wants to get ahead of everyone else one can’t even expect to not acknowledge money but that’s exactly where it should just stop. Know the importance, don’t let it become the most important thing to you. However important something might look to you right now, ultimately its going to break, tear, get worn, or even worse lose its importance over the years. Therefore, instead of being so devoted go things, gadgets, materials, items that in the end, will not have given you the kind of happiness that the little things might have, that people might have, take it easy. Its okay not to have that car, its okay to not own that dress, its okay if you haven’t brought the latest smartphone, you’ll miss out on the permanent joys of life if you keep fussing over the temporary ones. You were born to make a mark, and with of without those possessions, you definitely will.
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