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Hey there! Are you a lost soul too just like us? Go ahead and hit the like button to become a part of the lost souls squad! Some where lost is a page where you can find yourself getting lost in our blogs, games, memes and much more! Feeling low don’t worry we got your back from blog’s telling you how do deal with depression or funny memes that will light up your day we have it all, your one stop of enriched entertainment!

We also have some exciting games that you can play to pass your time, quotes that will motivate you up for a hectic day! Funny videos that will crack you up and much more.

Visit some where lost page today and let’s be lost souls together.

Contest Rules:

1) The participants must DM us a crazy meme on our fb page and instagram page.
2) Tag maximum friends & increase your chances to win the contest by sharing your memes.
3) Participants must use the #ThugsOfMemes in every entry.
4) Participants must be from India only.
5) Management holds the right to accept or reject entries at any point of time during & after the contest
6) Management’s decision of selecting the top “ ThugsOfMemes “ will be final

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