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8 Things you might just expect from a Indian girl

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Bargaining is an art and Bombay Girl has mastered it

She is a convincing bargainer and a sweet talker too.

“Bhaiyya isse jyada nahi dungi with bhaiyya aisa mat karo de dona :-)”

She will think the maximum price she wants to pay for the dolce & gabbana or nike labelled outfits and she will make it a point to convince.
Causeway and hill road shopping are the main reasons for her expertise in bargain.

Crazy about Chaat

She is a very committed girl with respect to her health and diet. No One can make her change her mind until she finds a chat wala with those

thoda meetha thoda teekha pani puri and shev puri .

Bollywood Encyclopedia

You ask her any question regarding bollywood and you will be served with the right answer.She’ll be a die hard fan of a hero but will watch every movie and also will grasp dialogues instantaneously.


They love to take a walk on one of the famous beaches and a sip of coffee from any tapriwala and bitch about almost anything, continuously for hours together.

Dare is me

No fear and as all say Mumbai never sleeps so why would she waste the night.Travelling in a rickshaw and can’t wear sexy .. Oh come on Hot pants or Party wear just bring it on.

Fashion is huh

Daily mumbai fashion trend changes and frankly who cares .I am not judged by the way i wear and even if you do thats your problem so FO.

Smart Traveller

She won’t take out her vehicle or catch a cab at peak hour or in the evening she will rather travel in Amchi Local Train,get to the venue and dress up for the event. On Time.

Isn’t A High Spender

She values money and also splurges on quenching on her shopping needs. Always up for street shopping.In fact, she doesn’t care if the dress she’s wearing from VERO MODA or its from causeway she’ll carry it splendidly.

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