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7 times when girls say “why should boys have all the fun?”

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Remember those words we girls used to hear when we were kids like,

“You must play with dolls, why choose cars?”
or something like
“Itna padke kya karegi? Akhir shadi karke ghar hi toh sambhalna hai!”


Sounds quite familiar right!
As we all know since ages the society has been predominantly ruled by patriarchy and its conservative norms. But with time, this age-old concept is witnessing a particular or rather a more prolific change. And it is solely because of this change that more and more women are now daring to stand for their rights.
For all such girls who are simply tired of certain taboos, here are 7 situations that definitely have compelled them to say
“why should boys have all the fun?”

1.When you have to choose your career
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Now this has been one of the most common real-case-scenario when almost every girl, in some point of time or the other, might have developed a firm feminist attitude. When we are constantly told to be a teacher or be in a “safe” professional line, it’;s that fiery moment that brings our feminist attitude on the surface. Girls are perfect for all jobs. Period.

2. When you are post-25 and unmarried
Uggh! This point has been adapted from real based incidents! Now as per the already established patriarchal norms, if thou are 25 or above, thy sole purpose of life shalt be to seek the right groom and to start a chain of offsprings. People should really understand that the sole purpose of life is to live it and not just pop up one from the other an idea that applies the same for us, girls.
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3. When you want to enjoy nightouts
Like boys, we girls too want to spend a couple of nightouts with our besties and dear families, IT IS COMPLETELY OKAY. We girls totally understand when a guy is hitting on us and we can also handle the situation. Yeah, we can! But all thanks to the patriarchy that delimits these kinds of stuff only to the boys. Slow Clap!
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4. When you want to be independent
“Freedom is my birthright and I shall have it.” Said by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, this quote actually applies for girls also (in case some people forgot that girls are also humans.) As per the patriarchy, independence and freedom are terms that are solely made for the men. And we girls should be relying on them even when we have to buy a safety-pin. As if independence and freedom are like beards and mustaches, made only for men.
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5. When you want to “Adam-tease” or stalk over men (Wink)
Admit it girls, like boys, we girls too want to tease boys. But no, this job has been officially made only for the men. And even if we do something as such, we girls shall be termed as desperate and asking for “it.” People, saying in behalf of all girls, a girl only asks for “it” when she says “yes”. Period.
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6. When you are about to hang out and then it’s that time of the month
Yeah it is a natural detoxification process but we girls desperately want boys to experience the same. And when the cramps start in we are like seriously “why should boys have all the fun.” Boo Hoo!
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7. When you have to deliver a baby
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As if the monthly “detoxification” process was not enough, we girls have to bear all the pains of child-birth as well. From labour pains to post-delivery cautions, again “why should boys have all the fun?”
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