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14 Emotions That You Should Never Mix With Love

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Love never comes alone; it brings many feelings along with it. But, these feelings may ruin your relationship or can take it to its worse. So this Valentine’s, promise yourself to never allow these feelings to affect or destroy your strong bond with your lovely partner.
1. Betrayal
Betrayal in love is the worst one can do. If you are not happy, just leave.
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2. Hatred
Hatred comes with love. If you love someone, no matter what don’t ever hate them.
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3. Obsession
Once obsession comes, it leads to the messiest relationship ever.
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4. Jealousy
If you feel jealous with your partner it’s a big sign that it is not love because love is all about seeing the other person happy.
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5. Comparative
Two people are never the same. Both of them are blessed with different talents. So, stop comparing each other.
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6. Anger
We are not saying one can’t get angry with other but, if a serious anger or grudge is kept inside for long can be dangerous enough to ruin the relation.
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7. Ego
Ego is the only requirement to destroy a relationship. So skip the ‘E’ and let it GO.
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8. Disgust
Maybe your other significant says/does something that leads to unpleasant or offensive but you should never show a strong disapproval by a feeling of revulsion.
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9. Disrespect
Respect for relationship is just like water to plants. Absence of respect will make the relationship grow dead and lifeless.
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10. Selfishness
All of us can be selfish at times especially when we want something badly and it’s definitely not a bad thing but, if your selfish streak is less of an occasional occurrence and more of a behavioral trait, that’s something you need to pay attention to.
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11. Confusion
You need to be always sure about everything in your relationship. Either it is and always will be or it wasn’t there ever. There is nothing in between.
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12. Suspicion
Trust is the root of your love plant, allowing distrust to come into your relationship will bring you to “The End” of your Love Story.
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13. In-expressiveness
Unsaid feelings lead to the feeling of ignorance in your partner. You need to express each and everything to your partner; hiding things will punish your relationship at the end.
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14. Materialism
Love should be selfless and free of any greed and acquisitiveness. Being materialistic or being too busy in order to conquer materialistic desires will leave the other one dissatisfied with the relationship.
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