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If you Find these 11 qualities in a Girl then ……

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If you Find these 10 qualities in a Girl then ……
” Please never ever let her go “

Girl who loves fast cars.

Girl who never stops you from doing your bad habits.

Girl who understands RPM / SPEEDOMETER and KILO-METER while travelling.

Girl who can handle her own shit.

Girl who knows driving and also can park the car perfectly.
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Girl who loves cricket or the game you are passionate of.
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Girl who knows cars speak.
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Girl who doesn’t expect you to listen to her every word when you are busy drinking your beer and listening to your favourite music.
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Girl who Ain’t afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails.
There’s should be something more than just what meets the eye.
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Girl who knows what technology is … Not just the color and status symbol but also can use the technology.

Girl who will value you more than your friends when you are out in a group travel

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