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You prove that you are from Bihar when

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Yes we agree that this eastern state holds a glorious history, a rich heritage, and specialties like world famous Mithila Painting, Fresh litchis, delicious cuisines and off-course that as sweet as honey “BHOJPURI” language.

1.When you measure the beauty in parameters like “GARDA”, “BAWAL” and “DHUAN”.A beautiful girl is complemented as “bahute bawal lag rahal hai” or “garda macha rahi hai ho”.
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2.Your numerology starts from a-go then followed by doogo, teengo, chaargo and so on.

3.Your name is just for writing on name-plates, you can never be called by your real name. Here, Raju becomes Rajua, Pappu is called Pappua, Rajesh is Rajeshwa, and Satrughan at its best as Satrohna.

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4.The BODY language

“Gor” means legs, “ongree” is fingers, lips are denoted as “Thor”, “KAPAAR” is forehead and “moori” is head.

5.You say macchar ne bhambhor liya” when a mosquito bites you.

6.You have grown up eating some mouth water delicacies like “Litti Chokha”, “Pittha” and your faviorite “Gupp-chupp”.
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7.When “Saraswati Puja” is your favorite festival because this is the only day when you are “NOT ALLOWED TO STUDY” also, this is your own version of Valentine’s Day.
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8.When Maurya Lok and Dak-Bungalow is you favorite hangout places.
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9.For you Hanuman Mandir, Ambika Bhawani, Patan-Devi, Thaawe wali mata and Patna-City ka Gurudwara are the most sacred places in the world.
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10.Your favorite sweet dishes are, “Silaaw ka Khaja”, “Maner ka laddoo”, and “khobi ka laayi”.
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11.You have grown up with these special holidays like “Chhath Puja”, “Durga Puja”, and of course “rainy day”.
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12.The “Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udhyan” or the famous “Patna Zoo” is where you made first forays into “Adult Love”.
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13.The famous “Sonpur ka Mela” excites you from your soul and is an important annual event in your calendar- second only to Chhath Puja.
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14.You know what “Ganga Dolphins” are?
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15.You are used to those Manoj Tiwari, Radheshyam Rassia and Guddu Rangeela songs.
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