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Workplace health and safety issues

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Humans have made the most comfortable environment for themselves to live. But in building up this environment the life have become undoubtedly more complicated. Because to survive in such environment an individual has to spend a major part of his life learning how to live it. After school an individual has to trade his time for money and this trade has many conditions to it. And that  can lead to an unhealthy work conditions or psychological instability.

As the production rate goes high, the responsibility of full filling these demands comes on the workers. While doing so, Harsh conditions, Long hours, Low wages are the problems workers have to face. Work can be dangerous at times and work pressure adds upto the misery, and this triggers the very basic nature of humans to do mistakes. Work places associated with heavy machines have a high risk of casualties or even loss of lifes. Work place harassment can be abusive, insulting or offensive language or comments on the worker. It can be done by higher authority or co workers. Unjustified criticism or complaints are made by authorities is  just to remove frustration. harassment can be taken on personal grounds effecting the entire organisation by setting unreasonable timelines or constantly changing deadlines. It can also involve in spreading misinformation or malicious rumors about somebody.

The sad part of these conditions is that the victim is cornered by others and his strength to fight back is drained. But they ray of hope for then is the Union. A union always look forward for the betterment of people. Such were the unions who made Sunday a holiday. The union is the way for the word of  workers to reach the higher authorities. And they are the only Ray of hope for the working class.