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What is social welfare

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Social welfare is the well-being of the entire society. It is not only about humans, it is about the entire environment. It is about the Quality of air, food , water, social values, drug abuse, social service religious and spiritual aspects of life. Social welfare is directly effected by the strong social and moral values the people of that society hold.

The Values and morals of a society depends largely on leaders of the society. The leaders teach the society what should they be believing in. Another strong influence is the education of the society. The education received at a very tender age has a strong impact throughout life. a child taught to hold a butterfly with care on the palm will never kick a dog after they grow up.

The environment of the a particular society is reflected by the behavior of the people. People with high values and higher understanding about the society and nature have a much broader approach toward life. they understand that they are just a part something very special and they look forward toward the well being of it.

But as to maintain the balance of nature there are always few people who have different ideologies which are termed as anti social. This anti social attitude could be developed due to ignorance or wrong influence.In such cases there are social welfare campaigns carried out for awareness. For people to understand the importance of the elements which build up the society.