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What I Wear Does Not Judge My Character.

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She walked in the highest of heels and the shortest of dresses, but once she spoke, all attention shifted to her face..sound familiar?

What I wear does not judge my character.
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We’ve become forward in so many things in today’s age that we don’t realize that we are as backward in as many things. We have evolved from the stone age where people would wear leaves to now where we have an option of being fully clothed or not. So why take away that option when our ancestors never even had any? When you can pursue the job you like, why is it so tough to let me wear the clothes I feel good in?
We humans are so self obsessed, we tend to think of everything from our perspective and for our self. We think that girl is wearing shorts because she wants to please us, we think that backless blouse is because the woman wants us to see her back..well, no! Let people wear what they feel comfortable in. Let people wear what they think they look best in. Who does not want to look good?
Let character of an individual be judged by his gestures towards himself and others. Let the character of a perosn be judged by the things that define what a character would be defined by. Being kind, understanding and compassionate to others. The most skimpiest of clothes could have the smartest brains and most loving hearts in them. But we will never find out unless we stop with the labels. Fundamental rights were established to ensure that each individual has the basic rights that will help him evolve as a person and discover himself, which will soon lead to him using these talents to help others.
What I wear does not judge my character.
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Clothes can change tomorrow, but hearts cannot. If you are a good person, it will reflect in the things you say and do but you being a good or bad person will never reflect in your clothes.
When these labels will come off, is when we can live peacefully and be content with who we are on the inside and not let our lives revolve around other’s exterior. What matters is that we have all been blessed with this beautiful thing called life and we must all experience everything that we can, push ourselves to the limit and help others in the process. Let’s stop judging people by their choices and instead try to understand where they are coming from and what it might teach us. There are greater values to be learnt than the values of dressing well.

We were all loved and held lovingly when we were born naked, so why is it that we cannot embrace nudity now?

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