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Virginity does not judge your character.

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Sure she had dated a little too often and given away herself a little more than she should. But she stood tall when she was supposed to. She bought lunch for the poor child on the street. She was goal oriented and worked hard to make a career. She took care of her parents and made sure she was with them in times of need and otherwise. She would send all of her relatives gifts on festivals and she would call them on their birthdays. Once too often, she would donate a little of her earnings to charity. She had more pets at her place than people. She loved her friends and cared for them. She was funny and charming. She was emotional and sensitive. And that, was her character, not the number of people she had chosen to have intercourse with.
Virginity does not judge your character.
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Maybe in our country, this has become a taboo, thanks to the conservative mentality that we have had, since ages. Virginity of a girl does not define a girl’s character in any way more than not being a virgin doesn’t.
Maybe we should question all rapists, murderers, terrorists and thieves and ask them about their hymen?
This lack of judgement of character by people all over doesn’t seem to end any time soon as even in 2015, where we can connect with people from literally anywhere in the world in an instant, people will judge you by the person’s bedroom you are in. Whatever happened to qualities of humility, kindness, compassion, selflessness and braveness that people have to resort to question your character based on the person you have sex with. Isn’t that what is called a person’s personal life. Strangely enough, it is women who have never dared to question the society’s rules, also set by people just like us in their life, who simply accept the injustice they have been facing who judge other women and girls and astonishingly dis’s them for it. Women. Telling their daughters not to converse with men, women. Telling other women to not trust men. Women. Instead of telling them to be strong, convincing them that they are weak enough not to be in a relationship with a man, who will always be superior. Though the rest of the world has still progressed, many Indians still remain backward and solely destroy the lives of many young girls based on this one criteria and take away all attention from her actually qualities and ruin her life for falling in love. Blaming her for the cowards that they are. It is because we have never seen people for who they are on the inside that we keep judging them on the things that they do on the outside. Not only do you prison a woman’s body but also her heart and mind, and that, is the end of her life, irrespective of as long as she lives.

Let’s be human, not virgins.

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