Vintage Camera Museum @ Delhi NCR

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Here’s the chance to go back in time and know about the old technologies around photography! The Vintage Analogue Camera Museum located in the Delhi NCR region of Gurgaon, showcases one of the leading collections of analogue camera from the early 1880’s to 1990’s. This compilation, which spans hundred years exhibits some of the most iconic cameras ever manufactured.

A visit to the Vintage Analogue Camera Museum will help you trace the evolution of cameras over the last century. Of note are the wooden 3D viewers of those times! The quality of the 3D photographs in the 1910 and the techniques of viewing them are remarkable.

Apart from the rare collection of cameras, the museum also exhibits some exclusive photographs of India’s Freedom Struggle. The Vintage Analogue Camera Museum is a part of the India Photo Archive Foundation that aims at digitising, documenting and preserving photographic legacies.

On the display are some of the stunning photographs by the legendary photographer Kulwant Roy, along with original silver prints of Nehru and Gandhi. The collection also includes original images of the signing of the Indian Constitution – a visual treat for photography aficionados!

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