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Understanding the non-vocal (Animals)

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In our day to day lives we see many disturbing things but people chose to ignore and very easily get use to it to such an extent that these factors become invisible. It can be from a beggar covered with gray, to an animal who has lost its limb in an accident, to even a women being a victim of eve teasing. And in todays device controlled world all we see is people posting pics of problems and literally doing nothing apart from sharing them with friends. The infection of ignorance in  this world can be cured with  wave of slapping with truth and waking people up.This article is an attempt to do the same.

We would be discussing a major rescue situations related to animals.

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Animals are suppose to share this planet with us, but there are few people who like to make them a status symbol. And the same animals which were bought with the self promises of taking care of, become a burden. The animals have to suffer when the burden becomes frustrating and difficult to maintain. This anger is reflected in the way they take care of these animals. And these animals have to suffer from ignorance,physical abuse, torture, hunger and even diseases. The place in which the animals are kept become filthy and unfit to survive. There are even cases in which animals are left to suffer with open wounds. This is a situation that happens on household level. The conditions are worse on commercial level. Female pigs have to spend 4 years of their life in a cage barely bigger than their own body. male chickens are put into machines which kill them just after 3 hours of their hatching. and it is shocking how this methods are acceptable. Rabbits have to bare the fur removal procedure without any anesthesia every 3 months throughout their life. just imagine your hair been removed by pulling it off. Horses running on the racecourse are killed with slam guns to cut maintenance cost or eventually sent to slaughter house. There are many animals like that who have to suffer from physical as well as psychological disturbance.
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But at the same time their is someone always selflessly doing the cleanup. There are organisations which take care of such situations. They rescue theses animals from their owners under few legislation and the owners are fined for their cruel actions. The owners are given warnings depending on the intensity of offence. The animals are taken if they require immediate medical assistance. They are given all the required nutrition and medical attention. They are given special and human attention to come out of the psychological attention.This is required  becauses in some cases, farm animals who have never seen humans only have their companions and it is important for them to be around them in such situations.
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After full recovery of these rescue animals, they are kept in adoption centers. They find new and loving human companions and a life which they deserve. This is how faith in humanity is restored. Even though there is someone doing wrong in this world, there is always someone doing good, The world is full of nice people, If you can’t find one be one.

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