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Things you should stop saying to a girl

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Being in the territory of India we girls have to face some of the most stupid and illogical sh*ts of the people.
If you don’t want to deal with her LADYZILLA side , you need to remember this: there are some things you should never say to a girl

Are you on your periods?
Every mood swings are anyhow not meant to be related with Periods. My mood and my behavior both depend on your level of stupidity. By saying so you are just inviting me to break your nose.
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When are you getting married?
In India once you reach the age 22 or sometimes even 18, your marriage becomes one of the major concerns of the entire 1.2 billion population, yes we are exaggerating it but yeah; at least your neighbors, Patiyale wali bua, Chandigarh wale TauJI, your maternal uncle from South Hall and so and so.. People please give us a break! We are not born just to get married. There are hell lots of other ways to suicide…: P
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Are you single? / Why are you single?
Please stop asking us whether we are Single or not. I mean fine! We get it that you are trying to hit on us but; by simply ignoring this question you might be a little less “CHEESY”. Wait a minute… if I am not committed that definitely does not means I am a lesbian…! Seriously guys it’s my personal decision and you have nothing to do with it; so just stay away.
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Women should not drink and smoke
…and should also not cut her nails on Tuesday, wash her hair on Thursday. blah blah. Oh please! Drinking and smoking has nothing to do with my sex and I guess that’s why on a packet of cigarette the caution says “cigarette smoking is injurious to health not WOMAN’S health”
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Are you a virgin?
Bammm… once this question comes; there rises an urge to hit that stupid fellow. You surely need to know “my body my right rule”. Virgin or Not-virgin has nothing to do with my character, but asking this surely does.
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You are on periods, you are impure
This is one of the most ridiculous things that every woman gets to hear. If you are on periods you can’t get into the kitchen, touch pickles, go to the temple, and many more. People are you serious…? If god thinks that all this is impure periods for sure would not have came as Natural thing in woman. So just do hell with such stupid concepts.
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It’s a duty of a woman to look after her husband
Oh yeah… And the husband comes with a duty to..?? Oh sorry… how can a MAN have a duty…Right??
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Girls should not be friends with guys.
This is what we get to hear when we get friends with someone with opposite sex. Its so bollywood that “Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte” which will make your temperature rise. What the hell is wrong with you people? If a guy is sweet nice and gentle we can/should definitely be friends with them, not every man is the same.
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What’s the benefit of working (studying) so much after all you have to get married and sit at home?
And yeah… after all it all ends up on getting married. People; you badly need to understand that we girls are not made just to sit at home, cook food, and wash clothes. We have reached moon and still there are miles to go ahead.
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You are a sl*t
If you wear a short skirt, a bit revealing cloth, drink or smoke, have boyfriend or had breakups, wear makeup or anything. You just can’t guess what gesture of yours can put you under the so called category of “sl*t”. Claiming someone a sl*t is not only something that guys do, women are not far behind in this game. Here the minds of people are not at all a problem, but their mindset surely is.
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You are a girl, your prime responsibility is to look good
India is country where the level of your beauty is measured with your complexion and your thin being. If you have a dusky skin then you are ugly, if you have gained weight you are ugly! According to me ugly are those who are not blessed with the eyes to see the inner beauty of a girl. If you have one, you will get to know that every girl is beautiful in her own ways.
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Girls are molested/raped because of their own fault
…and people like you are punched hard because of their own fault. My clothes, my gestures, or my cheerful behavior nothing provokes you to moles/rape me. The only reason behind rape is the rapist not us.
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Girls are born to produced kids and take care of them
If getting pregnant is a “team work” of a man and a woman the how can the kid be a sole responsibility of woman. Men it’s the high time you get that kids are an equal responsibility of you and your partner. This will not only make you a good husband but also a proud father too.
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