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Things you do not like in your parent when you are a teen.

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Things you do not like in your parent when you are a teen.

1. Respect my privacy!
That time your parents either entered your room without knocking or went through your phone, diary, computer when found accessible, guys, NO! Its not like I’m hiding something, there’s a reason why I prefer keeping my emotions, thoughts stored somewhere only known to me, its called privacy! To all the parents who let their teens have their own space and let them build, grow, commit mistakes on their own while only advising them, god bless you’ll.

2. High aspirations.
“My son is going to be an engineer/doctor/scientist/CA/astronaut/PHD/Other-apparently-make-you-rich-profession, hello over ambitious parent who aims for the stars, what if I didn’t want to? What if I was okay pursuing my less ambitious dreams that interest me and pay less? Truth is, this gives me something even becoming an engineer with a definite pay wouldn’t: happiness. And I’m willing to go the distance for it, are you with me or against me?

3. Lack of Trust.
“Did you really go to College?” “Why does that boy call up everyday?” “Who are you messaging this time of the night?” “Are you pregnant?” No! We are not living through an episode of Savdhaan India. Sometimes maybe I’m just a normal teenage girl who tells the truth and expects to be believed!
Because trust me, if there’s anything a teenager despises, its repeatedly justifying his actions for pointless reasons. Wait, you do right?

4. Comparisons.
“Our neighbour’s son scored full in the-exam-noone-cares-about, how come you managed to just get by?” “our neighbor’s daughter is a part of this deemed institution, what are you doing with your life?” “Don’t you feel ashamed?” No! What I feel is pity. For all of the neighbor’s kids. Then myself. This is the sole universal trait that connects all insecure parents together! Teenagers are listening to this since decades and the comparisons between relatives,cousins,friends don’t stop, at any given point. Maybe its because we grow up in such particularly competitive households that our parents unknowingly or knowingly feel the need to remind us of the achievements of other kids no matter how, when, where just so we aren’t left behind. But that’s the point Dad, I won’t be! Its okay if Chintu gets into IIT, sometimes we’ve just gotta be happy for someone else and know that you might crack it in your 3rd attempt.

5. Restrictions.
Freedom is kind of a cool thing for us teens so when it is taken away, it hurts. So when my parent objects to the outfit i’m wearing, when, where, with whom and what time I should be home because of it, its annoying! You constantly telling us what to do, how and where to do it or not will give rise to our rebellious selves and we might do it anyway. Restrict us from what’s meant to be.

For all you parents out there, we know you care and love and it’s all mutual but you need to let us do our thing and we might just surprise you!

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