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Things We Should Immediately Stop Doing In Social Media

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We all have that ONE friend who goes overboard when it comes to using social media. Her wall is either flooded with duck-faced selfies, or she’s busy keeping the world clued in about every minute of her life. We give you some of the things we feel our friends – and us, if we are guilty of them! – should stop doing on social media.
Trust us, timelines will be much happier places if we all refrained from doing the following. #JustSaying
1. Using multiple hashtags for every image one posts on Insta/FB.
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2. #Hash #tag #like #this.

3. Wrte lke tis! (This almost gives us cardiac arrests every time we’re subjected to it.)
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4. Keep changing relationship status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” with one’s besties.
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5. Using tons of filters and then using the #nofilter hashtag.
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6. Applying makeup and then saying: “I woke up like this” #nomakeupselfie
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7. Using social media handles to only participate in contests.
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8. Not accepting that #ILoveHimMoreThanHeLovesMe is not a real hashtag.
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9. Making fake accounts to pass nasty comments about other people.
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10. Posting a dozen selfies in the same evening from the same event. Which all look exactly the same.
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11. Status updates every 5 minutes. (No one wants to be THAT clued in about your life.)
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12. Liking one’s own posts.

13. Posting revealing photos. (WHY would you subject your friends to this?)
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14. Tagging all of one’s friends in every single image one posts.
Stop friends tagging me on facebook
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15. Flooding people with notifications to play games. (Candy Crush players, we are looking at you.)
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16. Posting #OOTDs while wearing just jeans and a tee.
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17. Using a picture clicked two days ago for #ThrowBackThursday.
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18. Mirror selfies. (Why would we want to see a picture of you taking a picture of yourself?)
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19. Checking into every damn place, including “Home Sweet Home”!
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