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The building block “Education”

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Education is considered as the most important building block of life, and it undoubtedly is. Education increases your personal esteem. It also gives you the benefit of personal development,by developing Personalized Approach.Independent approach gives a person the clear vision about right and wrong. Education also opens employment opportunities and Gives a better quality wages.It gives us a broader prospective helping us to understand the world in a better way. The best part about education is that it Surprises you on every turn of learning with something new every time. That is the kind of feed you would like for the brain to work. And as we are on this amazing journey of learning we builds up Experience along the way. But the wonder gift we are talking about is denied to many.

Reasons may be circumstantial or financial or may be due to physical disability.The reason why formal education is not completed can be problem behavior due to lower self well being. It can also be because of abuse or work exploitation. Keeping the causes in mind, if we look at the picture created by this situation, the major factor affected is standard of living. They have to settle down on low wages which do not justify the individuals skills and expertise.  The exposure and social sense remains stunted, resulting in ignorance about the current and ongoing society. They might become unaware of the latest technology and the reach remains restricted to the area of interest.such a condition may lead to an unhealthy society.
The Solution for this is, completing the basic education for a better future of the society as well as country. But at the same time there are few people who manage to get the required information and knowledge which they require for a good and stable life. The dropouts manage to learn everything the hard way, and they do not depend on a piece of paper to prove themselves. they learn everything the way the hard way. They are the people who take decisions for themselves.

Few people in this country take a step on the personal level to take care of this problem. Mothers and fathers in nuclear families make a point of giving their kids the best education possible. The picture of this country is changing with the awareness of education becoming global and penetrating the most remote places. slowly the eradication of superstition and ignorance is playing its role. Soon we will be living in a place where there will be educated people with high moral values, and that day the society will be ethical.

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