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Tech and teen.

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If a decade ago you would have asked a teenager what his most prized possession was he wouldn’t have given his cellphone, iPad, laptop or computer as much priority than they would have today. Not most teens anyway.
So what really happened in these few years that have changed all our lives so dramatically? What happened that links every teenager to the global world? To sum it up in one word,Technology.
That’s what happened.
In an era where we were not fully sure how to go on about the internet, the evolution of technology turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It has not only become fully integrated in our society with unbelievable speed but its reach to millions people in any corner of the world. With some arguing that technology is ruining communication, that it’s undermining the art of communication in person and the ones who you have to listen to repeating the lines of “Back in my day…” followed by a cynical statement about how technology is going to be the doom of us all is neither entirely true nor reasonable. It is we who misuse technology and we who don’t correctly utilize it in the correct way to the fullest. It’s almost too easy to agree with the majority and think, “People are right, it is destroying the human connection.” But some of us beg to differ. If anything, technology brings people together and it has definitely brought the teenagers of this generation together than the earlier times. If we can today talk to our friends and relatives abroad at the touch of a button, then its suffice to say that technology has helped renew the connection with people we would have normally lost. We converse with more people today, whether it be through Facebook, texting, tweeting, than we did 10 years back. For everyone who says it has taken away our teenage don’t quite realize that it has tried to build it in some way. Not that technology should replace face to face conversation, just that the stigma attached to it isn’t necessarily just or true at all for that matter. Working together with cameras, computers, gizmos and gadgets has linked us together in a great way and by knowing where to draw a line, we must make sure to make the best out of this creation for our own good. You know what they say, you can love it or hate it, but you most definitely cannot ignore it.

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