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Tattoos are your identity and not a taboo

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Tattoos show how liberal you are its a outright expression of your thought about the world about yourself or just genuinely anything. Body Art has been a tradition since the beginning of time. For centuries tribes have painted their faces to symbolize their identity. They did it because they felt proud to be a part of their clan. With time these old art antiquities gave way to the modern body painting or tattoos.
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Different parts of the world have different views for tattoos. Some openly embrace it and some denounce it to an extent where getting one done makes you eligible for penial punishment in the legal court of the Almighty. These may be based on religion or some old family tradition or culture. With time even people living in such bounded cultures have been able to break free of these norms and are slowly getting their bodies dipped in the different shades of colors signifying their liberal outlook.
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The Process behind getting yourself inked starts from playing a mind game where the pros and cons of getting your tattoo done keeps changing. You Design and redesign your tattoo innumerable times. Get out of the way to ask people whether it was actually that painful. Then one fine day your love for that little piece of art is enough to overcome all thought barriers and you actually got it done. The tiny pin entering your body at the rate of hundred Rpm is unbearable but you go through through all that Just to see your design come to life. Whether its a liberal text or a daredevil pattern or maybe something completely out of the world. Its now permanently yours, part of your human body just as your hands and legs and you love it as much. No matter what people say its never enough that it could demean the most prized possession on your body. Its like your identity something that you created for yourself as a prized possession for your entire life. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Gone are the days when tattoos were a taboo and the people who got it done were considered criminals or drug addicts.
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Its completely normal to have yourself inked and move around in valor. No one has any legal right to discriminate you on the grounds of your tattoo. Even the higher world corporate have changed their thoughts and consider it to be completely okay to hire people who are inked in fact some consider it a sign of boldness . Tattoos are your first impressions and tell people that you have broken away from the chains of societal norms and are ready to build your own. If ever people question you on your designs you needn’t justify them as people to whom you really matter won’t judge you based on a few ink blots on your body and to others they don’t deserve a justification. If you had the courage to get it done you have far more courage to show it off proudly.
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