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Successfull Men Can Safeguard A Relationship Maturely

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It is said that when success comes it brings a lot of responsibility along with it. One of the biggest responsibilities that come along with success is keeping a balance between the work and love life. A person with great career is nothing if he fails to make a balance between his love and work, but A real man is the one who is mature and strong enough to make a perfect balance between both.
Here are the five living examples of highly successful men who have a perfect love life too:

Shahrukh Khan- Gauri Khan
Shahrukh and Gauri are so far one of the most compatible and lovely couple from Bollywood. Their Love story wins a million Hearts. Shahrukh, who is claimed to be the King of Romance on the other hand there, is Gauri who is a charming and a very calm lady who supported Shahrukh in all his ups and downs. Shahrukh Khan is a heart-throb of the Nation, knows very well how to keep is degree of commitment high and never lets Gauri feel insecure. Now this is exactly what real men do.
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Anil Ambani-Tina Ambani
Anil and Tina Ambani is one of the most popular couples of the country, they are a perfect example of ‘love conquers all’. When Anil introduced Tina to his Family his family simply rejected her because they were not ready to bring home someone who was from film fraternity. Anil simply decided to stop seeing each other. They got parted for about 3-4 year, but none of them ever dated anyone else. Being from such a respectable family, Anil had showering of Rishtas coming for him but he turned them down. After 4 years Anil managed to please his family and then the couple tied the knot. This not only shows the sense of respect that he has for Tina but also, for his relationship.
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Narayana Murthy- Sudha Murthy
These great legends set a perfect example of a perfect couple. Both of them are successfully running their marriage and business together. Sudha Murthy supported and believed Narayana Murthy when no one did. When Narayana thought about a business he only had a vision for Infosys but no capital. Sudha lend him some money that she had saved for rainy day and took out all the responsibility of household and set Narayana free. Narayana also, without misusing the time and money created something what we see as an example of excellence.
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Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie
Who doesn’t know this celebrity couple consisting two American legendary actors who don’t only share an unmatched equation but also an adorable love story. Brad stood by Angelina in all her good and bad days. The couple was so sure about each other that they didn’t even gave much importance to marriage. They simply kept dating and supporting each other. Brad also, sued a British Tabloid that falsely reported about the couple to be separated. This type of support simply shows his efforts to keep his lady love always happy.
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Barack Obama- Michelle Robinson
Yes, the most powerful man of the world also does not feel shy in keeping his Lady love forward and showing his unconditional love towards her in front of the world. He is the man of determination and respect. He never-ever keeps Michelle left out. Whether its work or private Obama always gives Mitchelle what she absolutely deserves. Michelle also, fulfills all the responsibility of a good wife, a good mother and of course a great lawyer and writer. The unconditional love even after being super-successful is the recipe to a happy and mature relationship.
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