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Solar is the future, Why?

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This blue green ball floating around in the solar system is and amazing organic spaceship. This spaceship is powered by the flame throwing Sun which is not going to die for the next 15 billion years. In the process of surviving, the earth has developed plants and trees to store this energy. The decaying trees were buried in under the soil and the pocket of sunlight was saved under ground.

Man has managed to make commodities for a very comfortable life. But these commodities are run by the backing of energy. But instead of reaching out the sun man digged  deeper in the ground. The pockets of sunlight deep in the ground was digged out in the form of black gold. No doubt coal and oil produces a lot of energy, but the residue produced is harmful for the planet. The mixing of oil in the ecosystem has most adverse effects on the marine life. The smoke released in the process of production effects the air and that leads to the disturbance of the entire self correcting system.

Now the signs of alarms have been noticed with an irregular season cycle, mysterious deaths of particular species etc. Agreed that the earth has its own defense strategy. The planet is billions of years old and will be for more. But our presence on the planet has caused nuisance for ourselves. So what if there is way we can have clean and immense amount of energy without harming the plant, and we can still enjoy the comfortable life that we all desire to have. This is only possible if we could make something like trees. something that can trap the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity.

Solar panels have been made and tested enough, but the demand is to high. And it is a fact  that experiments in the backyard can make the small pieces of the bigger picture. But the bigger picture can be made only by a higher authority or a corporation which can take this “investment of the future” seriously.

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