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Sex On His Mind : Bloody Men

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If your man is saying I Love You more than usual, is he trying to be as sugary as sweet, did he text-ed for like 20 times today…which is usually next to impossible? Be alert you lovely lady, you man is preying you for a steamy session on bed tonight. Yes we know you don’t believe us but trust us, in most of such cases I Love You is the simplest way to get you laid and that too with an ease. We agree not all men are same but most of them are. They are less human and more sexually driven animals who get lured to almost everything that can be related to the word SEX.

We don’t say that there is nothing on mind except sex, but we bet no matter what they are doing; sex is always the next most happening thought in their mind. So next time when he does the following things for you, be alert he might demand for something far more expensive..!

He brings you unexpected gift
Unexpected gifts
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You might be very happy after getting a surprise gift from your beloved but have you ever thought of the reason behind it? An unexpected gift or flower is not just a way to woo you, it is just a simple method to set your mood.

Subtle touches
Sensual touch
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It is scientifically proven that subtle touches create hormonal flow in such a way that you end up wanting it more. Next time if your man is getting too touchy, it may be in order to get you craving for something more.

Teasing girls
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Teases are the beauty of a relationship. Teases create moments that are often captured in mind for like forever. But, for men teases are again a key to start the journey to “get down under”. So next time if he cuddles you or teases you don’t get confused it with love concept.

Being over sweet
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If you partner is trying to be roshogulla and misti dohi of your Bengali thali. You better know he wants some spice in bed tonight.

Agrees to whatever you say
Yes to everything
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If he allows you to master the remote while India Pakistan match, and got ready for the much awaited one week vacation at your parents place then you will be termed dumb if you cannot catch his intentions.

We don’t say it is bad, in fact we should be thankful to them for being so easy to get turned on. If they weren’t so, our first kisses would have taken trillions dates to fructify 😉