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Self help is the best help.

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“Hey, I need to talk to you. Call me back” “I wanted to talk to you, I was so upset, where were you?” “I’m so screwed, please meet me”,” so much to tell you, call back” “Don’t know what to do, please help”

We have all been here before, where we have relied on a person or persons to help us out during the course of life and the various situations and setbacks we face. Each one of us has that one if not many particular people with us who make us feel like we aren’t loved and are there for us, to help us get through with stuff. But what when they aren’t? Can we forever go on with our lives hoping that each day, if not that person,someone will surely be there for us? Always genuinely looking out for us, hoping for the best? No we can’t. We can’t assure yourself that each time we go to someone in need for help in any circumstance, the person is going to understand it perfectly or rather even tell us the right thing to do, that we might even follow them, considering we are so vulnerable at that moment. What does not matter here is if it wasn’t the right opinion, but it would certainly be a lot better if we did it consulting just our own self and wouldn’t have anyone else to blame at the end. For a moment, consider yourself and every predicament you’ve been in, now consider how you’ve gotten out of most of them, forgot about them and moved on with life. This is what we need to realize, each moment I’d a passing phase, there’s more to come and it will go on to, what we need is confidence and the will to live, and this can be given to us only by ourselves. If only we realize that as human beings, we are blessed with things and talents unique to ourselves only then could we fully accept ourselves and help ourselves. Understanding your true self and doing something about it and the problems you’re facing is a lot better than having to listen to someone else tell us what to do with our lives with our own permission.

After all if we can’t help ourselves, how can we expect someone else to?