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Road casualties precaution.

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The look on everyone face in a round circling around a casualty spot during a road accident is just blank. Everyone waits for someone else to react. but at the same time the one who helps makes vigorous efforts to save the victim. There are road baking methods, there are safety precautions but in spite of that road accidents keep happening.

Over speeding, misjudgment, sleeping while driving, pedestrian on roads are one of the major causes of road accidents. It happens in fraction of seconds, there is not enough time to react and come out of the situation safely.So to avoid accidents it is highly recommended to drive at a speed where it is possible to stop at an instant. Following rules can also help avoid situations which can lead to casualty. And then it all comes to self responsibility. Responsible driving proves as a safety for yourself as well as others.

If you are found as a victim and in a condition to communicate, then the first thing done should be inform such a person who can make immediate arrangements at the spot. Keeping emergency numbers in handy is another way of taking precautions. Having a first aid box for small emergencies can prove handy at times.

No matter what the situation is, Presence of mind and the fight for survival is the only state of mind which can take you out of the situation. SO developing a habit of utilizing the surrounding might be useful in emergencies.

And as we all know we get what we give, so if we expect people to help us, then it needs to start from you helping someone. It should be taken as a moral responsibility to help some one in need. Generosity is highly addictive, the more you do it, the more you feel better, and the more you would feel like doing it.