Ramadan- The holiest Islamic month

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Ramadan- The holiest Islamic month

Ramzaan or Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims all over anticipate the arrival of this holiest month. It is the month in which Quran was revealed for the guidance of mankind. Muslims observe Roza (fast) the entire day from dawn to sunset. The meal which is had before the fast is called ‘Suhoor’ while the meals after sunset is called ‘Iftar’. Contrary to the belief it is much more than a month of fasting. They abstain from drinking and eating the complete month.

It is more inclined towards purifying the soul and refocusing the attention towards Allah. During this month, Muslims make peace with everyone who has wronged them and strengthen ties with friends and family. They refrain themselves from all the evil deeds, thoughts and words. Even the thought process should be clean wherein they should not think bad about anyone or even bitch about others. The eyes should be restrained from looking at unlawful things. Going to sinful places must be strictly avoided.

The act of fasting directs the heart away from worldly activities, and cleanses the soul by freeing it from all impurities.It also teaches Muslims how to practice better self control, self-discipline and sacrifice for those who are less fortunate. It thus encourage the actions of generosity and charity. It is a month devoted entirely to the worship of Allah. Offering Namaaz five times a day is obligatory. Donation or charity is considered to be amongst the topmost virtue of Islam. Donating something to the needy gives us tremendous delight. It is a period of spiritual reflection.

The evenings are spent enjoying the community meals with family and friends and reading the entire Quran. Tarawih are the special prayers voluntarily held at mosque every night of the month. Eid-Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan which is the festivity of breaking the fast.

We generally are ignorant about the facts of this auspicious month.
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