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Philanthropy and its benefits

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It is human nature to be generous, and generosity is highly addictive. The more you do it, the better you feel. Since ancient time it is been practiced from the kings distributing among its people to two countries helping each other in situations.

This feeling develops only after a person has developed a selfless attitude towards life. Philanthropical acts indicate that you understand that this world as a whole is something very huge and there are many untouched nodes. Few are beyond our imagination. So understanding the time limit of life people want to leave as much they can for others. It can be understood in simple acts like opening doors for complete strangers,or guiding some one while parking. It can be summed up as an act of trying to spread a smile.

Many a times it hardly matters for the person who is helping, But for the person who needs help, that is exactly what that person needed. And that person might spend his entire life under the responsibility to help someone else. The problem with the world today is people are blinded running behind what they want instead of what they need. Wants make people selfish and inconsiderate about others. The nuclear attitude of me, mine and my leads to maximum problems in the world today.

Philanthropy makes you feel better about yourself and there is no harm in helping others. The day when people will understand the importance Or giving and the feelings associated with it, will be the day this society will be more ethical and sound.