Pangong Lake @ 14000 Ft

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Pangong Lake @ 14000 Ft by Pruthvi G.S

About 1/3rd of the lake is under Indian occupation and remaining under China.

Silence !

Silence means inside you !

My thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my sentiments, all are centered in my head & as an individual passing through a rebellion is not fighting with anybody else, but is only fighting with my own darkness. They say Ignorance is bliss, but being in light & being right is a true silence.

Eye of Pangong pulled me to its shore, only to make me realise that it exists. It speaks ! What it speaks is what your silent inner wants to speak & hear. Being there, I felt that loneliness & aloneness are two complete different entities. Loneliness is being around people yet finding something, Aloneness is being content. I wasn’t searching.
I was content & happy being ALONE for that moment. I lived it !

Few thoughts, may be right/wrong & certainly debatable crossed my mind. I feel, our NEED of having related to him/her in our life makes us Adjust, Reconcile & Sacrifice. When need cease to exist, we stop ARS – Artificial Respiratory System. Ha ha ha  !
Let’s not be silly in hilly !

Lab Dab…

Zinda hoon, Zindagi ka Shukriya !

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