Occupation out of occasions !!!!

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Hanish Pherwani-Occupation out of occasions

India is a country where loads of festivals are celebrated. More or less every month we find some religious occasions. Be it Diwali or Ramzan or Pongal, there are multiple festivals. Ever thought that you can make a living out of these rituals? Well, entrepreneurship is a virtue which few people possess. In August 2008 Hanish Pherwani who worked in a BPO previously, decided to manufacture pooja kits. He founded the company ‘okassions’ and started manufacturing Diwali puja kit, Grih pravesh kit, Karva chauth kit, Muslim namaz kit and lot more.

The Okassionz puja kits that he makes have become ethnic gifts. The idea behind starting this was that people are generally not aware about the Puja items required for a particular occasion and these readymade kits made by him made everyone’s life easier. The kit contains everything from basic agarbatti, sindoor, ghee to all other essentials. Everything is labelled and packed neatly in high quality boxes. Along with the 34 items, it contains Puja vidhi with elaborated information on how to perform Puja.

The kits are available in 2 brands- Shraddha and Swastik. Shraddha is an economic pack whereas Swastik is a premium pack. The product is made after the in depth study of every culture and its festival. Along with common man, corporates too are buying the kits for gifting purpose. Hanish has already paved the way for his growth. He has started exporting the products too considering the huge number of Indians settled abroad. The Shraddha pack is launched for export purpose.

Well the question is how can a office going person dream of being an entrepreneur? For where did he get this innovative idea and motivation? Hanish was not passionate about working in 9-5 job. He admits that a office job gives us stability but at the same time it is very monotonous. He wanted to do something that he is passionate about. He began the business with a capital of 4.5 lakhs. He is expecting it to give 100% turnover. He has been getting calls for the product distributorship from various states.

He too had faced challenges initially when he launched the product. He wasnt aware about the legal aspects and procedures. But the zeal and motivation kept him moving and he tasted success in his first year itself. He even got orders from Piramal healthcare and Tata. He has never compromised on the quality and he has the vision that the product will survive provided the marketing is done properly.

Risk and confidence are the two factors needed to be a successful entrepreneur. If you have these and faith in your ideas then success will surely follow you!