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No one is a born Criminal.

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When the word corruption is heard, we see fingers pointing out on authorities. But the thought of what exactly is Corruptions haunts the awaken minds and the study on a deeper level can help us see the picture clearly.

Corruption is basically of 2 types, political and day to day corruption. Political corruption stays in the spotlight and under the rigged media surveillance. But the truth comes out eventually. so what exactly happens? When political decisions are taken keeping personal benefits as a priority against public interest, that is corruption.  It is said that movies reflect the society but it is difficult even for our Bollywood stars to match the real life performance on screen.So inpite of repetitive efforts of  anti-corruption campaign how do they manage to get away with so much money without us noticing it? It is simple, keep the people ignorant by giving them something to quench their thirsts for knowledge. For example – Entertaining us by making up babas who will easily remain in the news for more than 2 -3 days.Involving us in shows which include debate so that you get the feeling that you know something. These topics take up much of our time and they enjoy 2 benefits, firstly they divert the attention from the matters which really matter, and it is a very safe way to launder their money.

The politicians who speak of wiping out corruption are actually more interested in wiping out the footprints of their own or may be their associates. They make toilets to empty our stomach but hardly consider filling it. They very well know the fact that an average man cannot prove everything he chooses to speak of. This statement completely justifies the tihar jail situation (Capacity 6250, population 12,000). Normal people who cannot fight for their justice are arrested for someone else’s crime, whereas the criminal roams in the open. And if anyone of them tries to rebel then they are stained with irrelevant and baseless accusations. Such is the condition of our modern India.

Besides all the blame game, the major question is ‘what can I do change this situation? The answer is simple – stop doing it yourself. A simple act of corruption has an ripple effect which goes on feeding the strength of corruption. And the second step is more difficult. Most of the alcoholics who go through the 12 steps program of quitting alcohol, find the last step most difficult,’Help another alcoholic’. Corruption is kind of the same. to stop corruption we need to have a stronger and a broader approach toward our actions. While bribing we just have to give one thought to our mind “What will happen to me if I save the fine and get away with a smaller offer? And What will happen to the nation if I save the fine and get away with a smaller offer?”


This 2 questions will answer most of the questions related to day to day corruption. And as far as political corruption is concerned, the only way is to be aware of what is going on, and questioning the the authorities. Most of the people lose interest the moment they are told to do something for the country. the country is the larger picture, if we narrow it down to our local habitat, we still don’t see any major steps taken for the change. So basically it all sums up to what you can do to change. As Mohandas gandhi had said – “be the change you want to see in the world.”

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