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My Heart

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Its not what we see
Its not what we feel
Its always what we think

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About you
About me
About society
About the world

Stop pretending
Say what you think
Quit what you don’t need
Go on move on

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Waiting too long
Creating space
Pseudo truth
Taking for granted

Just made a space in my heart
My so called heart
In which you have lost your place

Addition of simple D has made a meaning to me
From i love you to
I loved you

I know after many years it will be told to everyone it was my fault
I was the one guilty
I was the one immature
I was the one who did nuisance and blunder

But now i wonder
It was real good
Cos experience from you has helped me
Grab a love worth dying for

I will be always thankful to you to lemme know my weakness and strength
Cos now i have hidden my weakness and amplified my strength
Now am the guy who cries in the cave and
Enjoys in the arms of beachy waves

Life’s good
Thanks for everything
Once yours
Now only mine

“My heart”

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