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Me, Yes Me… Am A Girl And Am Proud Of It

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Yes, I am a girl and I am really very happy to be one.
I being a girl have the power to conquer the world, destroy it and recreate it. I am the Shakti of Shiva, I am the Lakshmi of Vishnu, and the Saraswati of Brahma. I am the creator of all the feelings known to mankind. I am the happiness, I am the sadness, I am the love, I am the lust. I am the one who can turn a house into home, a hell into heaven, a bad into good. I have the power to organize. I have the power to change and lead the world. Yes, I am a girl and I am actually proud to be one.
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I am proud Indira Gandhi who can run the most complex Nation, I am proud Aishwarya Rai who can mesmerize anyone with her beauty, I am proud Kalpana Chawla who can go beyond you can imagine, I am proud Saniya Mirza who can show the world how to play, I am the Proud Sudha Murthy who knows how to deal with business, I am Proud Lata Mangeskar who can touch your soul with one aalaap, I am proud Kiran Majumdar Shaw who saves lives with her medicines… I am amongst those many proud names that made their identity touch the sky.
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I am a girl and I love to do things like one. I can dance in heels all day and don’t complain, I work for 18-20 hours a day without any pays and still I don’t complain, I may sometimes be weak but in the next minute I become the symbol of strength. I may ask you for a little love but trust me I am not dependent on that. I am efficient enough to earn my bread and yours too. I am a woman of multi-tasking I can talk on phone, cut the vegetables and watch TV altogether. I am the one who can carry a Saree with an absolute ease and in the very next moment I can bling your eyes in a micro-mini.
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I am the proud human to have a power to give birth to another human. I am the one who despite of being criticized for doing whatever I do, I keep my journey on. You say one can never understand a woman, I say never dare to do so because this will either get you mad else, fallen in Love with me. I am as complex as simple. I have a heart that can store countless secrets; I can cry all night and still wish you good morning with a smile. Sometimes, I intentionally do stupid things, just because I find you too busy to pay me a little attention. I am the proud girl who once falls in love and never gets out of it and can fight the whole world for it.
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I am a girl who walks like a girl, the one who talks like a girl, cries like a girl and acts like a girl and feels no shame about it. I am a girl and I am meant to do things like a girl only. Trust me, if you could do a little better, you could do it like a Girl as well.
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I am a proud lover, a proud wife, a proud daughter, a proud mother, a proud sister and of course a proud individual.
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