Love: a game for today’s teen.

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“Love” A word that defines every prospect of life.
Hearing those magic words ‘ I love you’ is the magical dilemma every growing teen suffers through.

During the ages of arranged marriages, through the course of the Indian culture and past history, this word could be translated to a meaning/sense only once and kundalis and marriages were set and matched. With those setting times, most of the teens of this ‘new open minded era’ were introduced to this word, introduced to love way before they were introduced to puberty. A sense of understanding of this term resides in every aspect of their nostalgic throwback, right from the teenage to their adulthood.

But does that understanding really make sense?
Love a teenage game is what people say!
Some teenagers, who often tend to approve distraction, liking and everything corresponding to that as love.
Do they even realise the depth of this word?
The meaning it holds when you connect with a person?
The sense of responsibility that runs with it?

Today’s teens in this ushering era where their ‘love’ changes every month, once a new distraction runs it’s course. It’s no more a game that can be ruled over on a guy’s court but something girls have become quite prone to. Maybe it’s just a sense of being with someone to drag attention of their circle of friends or genuinely they do mean so much. Whichever way, a teenage mind is never ready for such kind of responsibility nor for such kind of commitments! Blinded by this, which is just superficial love, nothing but a game of crushing feelings and every value that binds love and it’s meaning together, many teenage suicide cases are nothing but mere relation to a childish game of love that one plays with another. The very reason for the rising depressions and problems is this game of feelings, till one of the participant breaks, breaks in such a way that recovery seems too far.

The sense of trust, believe and utter sense of confidence that goes through during those days of innocent teenage love, could mean serious injuries to his/her mind leading to mental depression or maybe even finding it better to just STOP living.

Love with all your heart, and when you’re a teenager, with brain too.

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