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Karadungla Pass @ 18380

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Karadungla Pass @ 18380 by Pruthvi G.S

Life the other way around !

People speak ? People (i) refrain from this seemingly seem full truth !

Being @ Top of the World, Outer & Inner got connected. Air speaks, Mountain speaks, or to the matter of being @ 18380 which gave me nerve pinching which was surely contagious among the eyes I look around.

We say eyes connect to approach, believe me, You ! Foot steps were guiding or rather connecting which made me walk towards
INDIAN ARMY ! A FIRM HANDSHAKE with the JAWAN (made me just feel that let the Difficulties know they are Difficult). Does connection has language ?
I refrain again, there wasn’t any !
What existed is the mere fact of Being There, Feeling That & Experiencing It !

Lab Dab !

Zinda hoon mai, Zindagi ke liye Shukriya !

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