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It’s A Female World Out There.

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You know when your parents used to say in your childhood, men don’t cry! Men don’t back down and all those other phrases that would convey indirectly how men are superior to the female gender? Well, I’d like to disagree. If a certain generation of people believe that men being in touch with their emotions makes them any less masculine, then well they really mustn’t be to begin with. Because a real human being and a ‘real man’ would not only cry but after crying, do something about what went wrong, accept it gracefully and move on to other great things in life. Which only goes to prove that if some men think they’re better than females, then they’ve already lost their bet they resorted go what every person ( notice how I’m not saying man, but person ) who isn’t sure of himself does: starts the blame game.
It's a female world out there.
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Since centuries, men have been blaming women for everything wrong with this world. So much so to an extent that they even punish women for their wrong doings. But all this only comes down to one thing: it’s a female’s world out there. And whoever denies the right to every girl child to do whatever she wishes to for whatever reason, is denying himself the opportunity to be a man. To be a person who is blessed with some extraordinary talents and to waste them by making life tougher for the gender that gives birth to them I’m the first place.
Gone are the days when people used to think women are weak, women can’t run, women can’t work, women can’t earn, women basically can’t do a lot of things that men can’t, forget doing it better than them. From kalpama chawla to oprah, from Beyonce to Ellen, from Indira Gandhi to Sania Nehwal, these are only a few names of women who have excelled in their field by battling against the odds that were set for them and emerging victorious, in success and inspiration. These women are a few examples of how women like kareena kapoor, sridevi and madhuri dixit are considered uvonic to Bollywood and Sania Mirza to tennis. Sure, there are the men. But your show is incomplete without a woman. Any show is incomplete without the presence of a woman. Because for everyone who thinks woman are meant to sit at home and cook, how would you know if you haven’t let them out yet, just like the men were allowed to?
The only thing that stops woman from competing and bettering men at this point in the world is opportunity. And given any opportunity in life, a woman will put in her best with all the qualities that she was born with, making each of them her strengths and ultimately beat you , not only physically, but damage you emotionally and psychologically, it’s just a matter of time. Until then, we choose not to.
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