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Is working lady better than housewife?

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Housewife or working lady?

As per our traditional Indian culture women are supposed to be the caretaker of home and men are supposed to be the money makers. But 21st century has changed this perception. Women have started stepping out and have excelled in every field. We find the presence of successful women in every sector. They are equally well established and independent as men.

In-spite of all this, still there are women who are confined to the four walls of the home. So does that mean they are not smart enough? Or does that mean they are lazy and don’t have the exuberance to step out and make money? Well, I don’t think so. Housewives are equally active and are burdened by lot of household chores. From taking care of the kids to making meals they are involved in all the activities. They do the endless task of raising the home and keep everyone happy and satisfied. Kids rely on their mothers for almost everything. They get the much needed love, care and attention.

Housewives are often criticized for being the gossip queens and financially reliant souls. But at the same time we should also point out the nooks of working ladies! They are so busy making money that they tend to neglect their family completely at times. Their kids don’t get the deserved attention and care as their mom is busy making bucks. She might even miss out on important events in her kids’ life because of her hectic schedule.

No doubt a working lady makes the family financially secured and stands strong in her own skin. She has the potential to raise her kids with her own money instead of depending on the husband. But at the same time she has to compromise on the love and care that should be showered on kids in their growing days. Looking after home sweet home becomes secondary for the over ambitious ladies.

Eventually its an individuals choice to work or not. Both working ladies and homemakers have their pros and cons. Support the family financially or with loads of love is the point which we ladies need to introspect.


  1. Tanya

    August 12, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    Terrible article! It seems to say that working women can’t give enough love to their children? How absurd is that? So is that to mean working father have never given enough love to their children? Women don’t need to “compromise on the love and care that should be showered on kid” if she chooses to work. The person who wrote this is living under a rock!

  2. Somewherelost

    August 12, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    We appreciate your comment. This article is written on taking into account statistics and perceptions that other people have via net.
    We are not comparing genders here so it doesn’t mean “father has never given enough love to their children”.
    No human being has to compromise on anything.

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