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Importance of animals on this planet

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“The web of life” is a complex eco structure designed with excellence. It is a structure in which nothing goes waste. It depends on the energy of the sun and the energy flows from one organism to another in a balanced and stable manner. It is designed in such a way that no one species dominates the system.But a loss of animals and plants causes disturbance in this beautiful ecosystem.

So even after man being a part of this system, how did he manage to dominate this ecosystem. May be the answer lies around 12000 years ago when he started domesticating animals to make his life better. He looked at them as a source of labor and food.Domestication was a far better solution for survival compared to Hunting and food gathering.

Animals continued to serve mankind by providing Wool,hide, hair , bones and horn from which man could make clothes , ornaments and other useful articles. Animals have been an important part in the agriculture age. they proved as a strong labor for ploughing the field, cart the goods and carry logs from place to place. Horses, buffaloes and elephants have proved as the beasts for the heavy working in many parts of the planet.

Animals have played important role in mans devastating activities like “war” form carrying armor to being a companion on battle field. They have always been an important part of our life but some humans have taken there generous approach for granted and have exploited animals. Exploitation like Animal Testing, Factory Farming, Hunting, Entertainment etc are accepted by humans on a legislature scale. Theses facts need to be reconsidered for a better future of our animals companions on this planet.