I Fail to Comprehend : Tribute to Nirbhaya

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I fail to comprehend : nirbhaya

I really failed to comprehend

“How is it, others helplessness can give someone a sense of power?

How is it, others pain can give someone such a high?

How is it, others trust can give someone to take advantage of?

How is it, others kindness can give courage to someone to do barbaric acts?

I really fail to comprehend.

Reading itself, made me shiver,
My eyes moist, Heart wrenched,
But questions arises, in mind of our leaders and civilians alike,
How was she dressed ?
What she was doing at that point of time?
Or is she enjoying ……with someone.
Trying to blame the victim, the cause of barbaric action,
Questions, Without making any sense,
I really fail to comprehend.

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Empathy, Sympathy,Prayers,
I know, these are mere words,
Carries no meaning to the aggrieved one.
But you know Nirbhaya,
We are so helpless, so spineless and so scared,
And so busy with my own journey of life, to make our ends meet.
We forget crime committed on you, is also lurking in our own backyard.
I really fail to comprehend.

I know I was not there, not only me, no one was there,
When you wanted us the most,
Least I can do, is commit myself to the core,
To fight not with mere words but with action, to stop this menace,
Fearless,with spine, with courage,like your adopted name Nirbhaya”

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