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“Hunting”, If its a sport then both the teams should be aware of what is happening.

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India has some of the most biodiverse regions of the world and hosts three of the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots. Till 2002 , 19.5% of the country’s area that is 64 million hectares of land was under forest. But it is not the same story today. Many human activities have resulted in making of a upsetting image. The illegal trade in china feeds on Indian forests, there are reports till date proving that there is something wrong.But our government shows numbers which tell a different story. And the reduction in number of animals surviving still continues.

All this circles up to the very basic question. Why is this a problem and what exactly is the problem. The best example to answer this question is bees. Einstein had predicted that the existence of mankind will be at threat, 4 years after the extinction of bees. Why is that so? 1 out of 3 food items we put in our mouth involves bees working on it. So without bees, we won’t be having apples, onions, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, courgettes, peppers, aubergines, avocados, cucumbers, coconuts, tomatoes and broad beans, as well as coffee and cocoa. Every living animal on this planet is important some or the other way. That is why we call it eco system. but human interference has made it an Ego system.

Here are the problems which animals have to suffer from, they include poaching ,habitat loss, Human overpopulation, property status, Factory Farming,vivisection, hunting and fur. These activities happen in broad daylight and with few of these activities are under the surveillance of the government .It is just sad that there is a need to convince people that Life of other living things is important.

The pain suffered by the nonvocal cannot be explained and is not at all acceptable. There emotions can be explained with mother Elephants behavior towards their young ones. Or hornbills toward their life partners.Animals have very strong emotional connection with nature.And taking their right to live is the most offensive crime committed against them. The loss of their habitat provokes them to push into our habitat and then they are considered as nuisance. The possession of animals for celebrity status is another way of abusing nature in a sugar coated manner.And the unfair “Hunting”, If its a sport then both the teams should be aware of what is happening.

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