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How Many Dates Does it Take to Know She/He’s the One?

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Since ages, men and women have wondered what exactly makes them attracted to the other. Or rather, how did they even understand that there was a connection between two lovers. Well, this answer seems a little tricky for one might say that the comfort factor was present right from the beginning that kept bettering with time, someone else may feel the need to date an endless number of times to figure out he or she ‘being the one’!

A lot depends on the instinct of the concerned person who can decipher the inner quality of his or her lover. But it won’t be wrong to say that on a larger perspective, men swoon over their partners at the drop of a hat, while women take considerably longer to give away their hearts, and that to someone they feel deserves to be called Mr. Right.

So is it love or just infatuation?

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Love is very often mistaken as infatuation, friendship or plain physical attraction. In fact, people might look for different things at certain phases of their lives. Now if cupid strikes at a time when you were looking for pure friendship, then there can arise trouble. The feeling of love is so strong that if the right person is before you, the other needs can actually take a backseat.

Infatuation is a kind of precursor to love and the tendency to overlook flaws and shortcomings are stronger at this stage. Lust, on the other hand, is the deep physical attachment that one tends to look for at the start. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you are sure of where you want to head to. Friendship, however, is the basis of all relationships. So there’s nothing wrong to fall in love with your best friend.

What qualities do we usually seek for in the perfect one?

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Frankly, no one’s perfect. As long as you are ready to do away with the negatives of the person you see a future with, your relationship is likely to be a healthy one. It is for this reason dating is great, for it allows you to discover certain qualities in your prospective girlfriend or boyfriend.

The search for qualities like respect, care and concern, humor, understanding and logical nature and open mindedness are few notable ones. It is difficult to categorize in this way, but you surely won’t take a liking to someone who is blessed with a pretty face but has no idea of how to behave with outsiders. Also, the dating phase can be a crucial one as girls and boys can put up a different side of them just to impress the other one. This becomes clear after a certain point of time, when the fake attitude is no longer kept under wraps. Reality said, truth cannot be hidden for long.

How about evaluating few aspects?

So before you decide to conclude that he or she is ‘the one’, it’s important you evaluate few things:

–       Your feelings when you are with him/her

–       Open minded nature

–       Your gut feeling

–       His/her sense of responsibility and values

–       The way you treat him/her and the response in return

If there are more positives than negatives, don’t waste time. After all, the longer you take in pondering on the same things, the responses might change.

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