Hindustan- The story behind the name.

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Hindustan! The literal meaning of it is a land of Hindus. So is our country genuinely secular? Well the answer is yes. It is a secular country. The real name of the country is India or Bharat. The fact is Hindustan is not the official name of our country. So where has the name Hindustan come from?

Long time ago the river Sindhu located in north India was worshiped as a Mother. Every person who entered India from north western side was introduced to the river. The Persians were the trading partners that time. They had heard of the river Sindhu but could not pronounce it. So they dropped the letter ‘S’ and pronounced it as ‘Hindu’. And thus the land where Sindhu flowed was called as Hindustan and the people were referred as Hindus.

Much later around 18th century the word Hindu got attached to the religion. Initially there was no religion called Hinduism. So when anyone referred to Hindustan they usually referred to a place of the river Sindhu and not a place of Hindus. Thus Hindu meant every Indian and didn’t simply refer to a particular religion.