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Happiness: An infinite quest.

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We opened our eyes into this world looking at the joyous faces of our parents. While we had no clue of what was really happening, for them that moment there, was probably one of the most happiest moments of their life. As time passes by, we learn to then realize and search for our own happiness and work towards achieving this in different ways.
But does this ever stop?

Probably not. Since childhood, we have been so accustomed to living life the way we have always wanted to, being in possession of anything that makes us happy, doing/devouring/going to the places that fill us with happiness, so it is natural that at any point in life, we will look for our happiness in whatever we do so who’s to say it’s a bad thing? After all we were all meant to be happy, weren’t we? So why not be happy with the fact that we have been given this beautiful life to lead?
We should definitely not get upset or gloomy about everything going on in our life and remain happy but also happy for the little things that we are so fortunate to have been blessed with. The little pleasures that we don’t particularly consider while making the list of things that we are grateful to because we find happiness in are really the things that we can’t do without. To always be happy and content in life, we must first learn to fully appreciate the things that we already have, and then look forward to then conquering every thing that we want to. It is only when we learn to develop a sense of gratitude for what we have and be thankful to everything that has been given to us that it would be fitting for us and our state of mind to find happiness in other things/people.

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