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Girls know your body shape before experimenting

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Fashion is something that you need to wisely think of. Not every body type will suit up with every fashion. You need to make sure that the fashion or the style that you wear matches up with your body type and thus enhance your personality and gear up your confidence level. You need to ensure that if you have a plumy body, you must wear the style that will make you look slim and flat and for too skinny body, you need to wear some loose cloth that will make you look healthy and in shape. It is the most important thing that you need to wear the clothes that would give you a self-expression. So have fun with fashion only in the style you are comfortable in. So what are you waiting for?

Follow the tips and know how you can make your style unique.
Know the Body Type:
There are certain types of body that are being categorized. You can essentially choose your body type and then the dressing style that can go well on it.

You need to be careful while making any kid of style statement. Make sure you choose the fashion that is unique but goes well with your body type. Otherwise it may hamper your confidence level and also affect the regular sense of fashion that you make. So gear up and refresh your wardrobe with new style.

Pear shape: The names itself suggest that the person tends to have hips with heavy bottom larger than the bust.
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Apple shape: The person having this type of body has got beautiful limbs and slim looking arms.
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Hourglass shape: This body type is said to be the ideal one for the fact that hip and bust measurements are almost equal. Most of the dresses go well with this body shape as the upper and lower portions of body are equal
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Quick tips for Such Body shapes:

  • If you have curves or lumps, then try to hide it by wearing the right type of color and pattern. For curvy body, you need to use black or dark purple. You can also wear some bright colors that may draw attention from the spots that are troublesome
  • No matter what you need to wear the most comfortable dress that can easily fit you. never wear too tight otherwise your body may become sweaty and you will get irritate of the same. Besides it will not make you look better
  • The very most important rule of fashion that you should never forget is what flattens your shape. There are different cuts and fabrics that can suit yup your body type. As compared to other, you can certainly have good fashion choices that would make you look glamorous.

After all it is a matter of proportions. When it comes of Dressing for the body shape that you have, you need to make sure you choose the attire that will make your body look in shape. You don’t have to be necessarily like those skinny or size zero girls that are shown in the magazine or Television. You need to have your own personality.

No matter in which side of your body falls, you need to look perfect only by choosing the right fashion.

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